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Prevention Acne and Severe Acne Treatment


The true pathogenesis of various types of acne is inflammation of the skin caused by infection with mites. But severe acne is caused by a wide variety of factors. The symptoms of severe acne are very obvious to the individual suffering from it. Acne and pimples become deep, inflamed and cyst Like. Here we list main causes of acne and tell you how to prevent it:

1. Acne has no direct connection with food and drink. But there is an indirect relationship between the diet and the skin infection of all parts of the body. The longtime stay of mites on the face of a person gives excitation not only to the skin of that person’s face but also to the skin of his/her hidden parts. There may be no manifestation of this fact until some pungent food or drink is taken. The stimulative ingredient of the food or the alcohol will dissolve in the blood, causing the symptom to become manifest or to be exacerbated. Thus acnes make their appearance on a person’s face. On other parts of the body, likewise, the symptoms, chiefly inflammation, will also be made manifest or aggravated by drinking alcohol and eating peppery foods.

Acne and Severe Acne Treatment

2. The lack of fiber and poor bowel movement will cause severe acne also.You should start eating in more fruits and vegetables which are also high in fiber. This will improve your bowel movement and help your body to detoxify itself. Start drinking some yogurt drink to maintain the quantity of good gut bacteria.

3. Human skin has an excretory function. When organic compounds, dirt, oil, smoke, makeup residue, sunblock and dust pile up on the surface of your face, your pores can get clogged.

4. When human skin is in a healthy state, it can excrete, or rather, expel a moderate number of dead mites from the body. But if a person stays up late in the night, catches a cold, lives under a heavy life burden or emotional stress or is, in the case of a female, in the menstrual period, his (her) constitution will be comparatively weak. At that time the skin immunity will become lower, leading straight to a chaos in the performance of the excretory function with the result that the dead mites cannot be smoothly excreted from the human body. The piling up of dead mites under the skin will inevitably give rise to inflammation on the face, causing an outbreak or exacerbation of blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

5.Menstrual period will cause severe acne. If a female does not pay due attention to personal hygiene during her menstrual period she will suffer not only

Acne Herbal Treatment

aggravation of acnes on her face but also infection of hidden parts of the body and her affliction may be some gynecological diseases, or may be classed as such though it is no more than acariasis caused by the lowering of immunity during the menstrual period.

The Splendor Uprooting Acne Series we recommend to you is best natural ance treatment products from China, it will not only show effect very soon but also tend to make highly improbable any future recurrence of acne vulgaris, acne of adolescence, or acne rosacea now being suffered by the patient. The reason is that owing to extermination of the mites on the skin by this series of products there is no longer any possibility that they will thrive there again, and acne vulgaris, acne of adolescence and acne rosacea will certainly not recur if the patient pays sufficient attention to personal hygiene and demolish all circumstances and conditions conducive to the growth of mites.

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