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Problems Caused by Low Estrogen Level

Low Estrogen Treatment

It's possible now to solve in an all-round way the problem of female aging, defer the coming of the climacteric, postpone the period of the menopause, and nourish the ovary so as to make you younger by 10 years.

Estrogens are the important substances responsible for maintaining the female characteristics and a young appearance, but with the increase in age they diminish in the body. After the passing of the age of 35 a female’s estrogens decrease speedily in amount until they reach half of their original values. Once the estrogens have come down in concentration, the female’s bodily characteristics will be quite different from those of her time of puberty. Aging will accelerate; skin will become coarse and inelastic; breasts will hang down limply; a cumbersome protuberance will grow out of the abdomen; and the whole body will become heavy and unwieldy.

In the wake of low concentrations of estrogens there will come various symptoms of endocrinopathy: irregular menstruation; chloasma; insomnia; puffiness; migraine; a pale complexion; lassitude, irritability and fidgetiness. These constitute what people often call the syndrome of the climacteric. As a result of the menopause, the estrogens drastically decrease, so that a female will be apt to suffer from hypertension, myocardial ischemia, osteoporosis, and memory failing. Regulation of concentrations of the estrogens is now often carried out in the world by artificial means. There are artificial estrogens for oral administration and for injection, of which those for injection are mostly synthetic products. Besides being high in price, they have inevitably some adverse effects on the human body. They are not suitable for all groups of people.

Menopause brings with it many physical and psychological problems. The most popular among these is hot flashes, depression and extreme mood swings. There is also a steady decline in vaginal lubrication. In addition, some women also start suffering from osteoporosis at the time of menopause. This is serious because women begin to lose their bone mass as early as 35-40 years of age. However, in the absence of estrogen, calcium depletion speeds up and bone mass erodes quickly. That is why older women are more susceptible to bone fractures.

Therefore, more widely used are artificial estrogens for oral administration. However, a long-term exclusive consumption even of oral artificial estrogens

Low Estrogen Treatment

may lead to a five-seven fold increase of the incidence of breast cancer and the carcinoma of endometrium. Therefore, in selecting artificial estrogens for oral administration people generally choose products of pure plant origin, because they are far less stimulating to the human body and far more negligible in side effects than those products designed for use by injection.

Natural estrogen has a number of beneficial effects. Its greatest appeal is its molecular structure which is similar to the molecular structure of human hormones. Natural estrogen also has a modulating effect on the hormones in the body. This allows the even metabolism of hormones in the body. This has potent therapeutic effects.

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