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Puerarin Isoflavone Herbs Treatment


Puerarin is the essence of the precious traditional Chinese medicinal herbal material, which is called “root of kudzu vine”.  Compared with other pure phyto estrogen products, this herbal product has more kinds of natural phyto estrogens and is an ideal supplement of the phyto type to physical estrogens of females.Pueraria has many ailias's one of which is well-known as "the fountain of youth" due to its anti aging and wrinkle reducing properties.

Puerarin Isoflavone Herbs Treatment

Analysis of clinical and experimental data has shown that at present puerarin isoflavon is the kind of phytoestrogen that is most similar in molecular structure to the estrogens secreted by the human body and is, therefore, most compatible to the estrogen receptors of organs of various systems of the body, giving very good effects. In comparison with other drugs for regulating a female's endocrine secretions, puerarin isoflavone has the peculiar advantages of enjoying a priority in combining with the receptors of the physical estrogens and being gentle and mild in the regulating action. Its effects include also resistance to carcinoma, prevention of arteriosclerosis and amelioration of osteoporosis. Proper regulation of the secretion of estrogens within the body to attain a balanced state is the basic requirement for maintaining the feminine characteristics and keeping a perpetually young appearance. The superiority of puerarin isoflavone over other phytoestrogens consists in that it does not try to fill the body with estrogens as much as possible but to furnish it with amounts which conform to the need of the body. Therefore, administrations of it will never produce the symptoms which may be occasioned by too great a density of the estrogens. This is why it is reputed to be the safest among artificial estrogen products.

Soy isoflavone is an ingredient of natural plant origin extracted from soybeans. Owing to the fact that it is


close in molecular structure to the physical estrogens it is capable of combining with the receptors of estrogens within a female’s body to play the role of a two-way regulator of her own human estrogens. It is because of this close relationship that soy isoflavone is sometimes simply called “the phytoestrogen”. A great amount of research has shown that the soy isoflavone can transform cancer cells into normally functioning cells and can also suppress certain ambiguous swellings to prevent their malignant enlargement.

Continued used of the puerarin isoflavone composite capsules over a long period of time have the following health- preservation effects:

1.The skin will become better in quality. It will shine with vigor; it will be soft and elastic. The discomfort of menstruation will totally disappear, replaced by the feeling of vitality of young age.

2.Senescence will be resisted: Aging of the ovary will be checked; the climacteric will be postponed; and the climacteric syndrome headed off.

3.Sexual life will rise in quality: The vagina will become moistened; secretions of the sexual gland will become augmented; and the vaginal muscles will be strengthened in elasticity.

4.Osteoporosis will be prevented: Absorption of calcium by the female’s body will be promoted.

5.Carcinoma, especially breast cancer, will be prevented: This product can combine with the receptors of estrogens, thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer due to a high level of physical estrogens.

6.Postpartum mental handicaps will be removed: After childbirth the progestational hormone will become reduced, but the estrogens not yet restored to their normal level. In consequence, the autonomic nervous system is somewhat in disorder, causing depression to occur in many cases, which this product can overcome.

7.Cardiovascular disease will be prevented through regulation of the amount of blood fat; and the occurrence of senile dementia forestalled through the lowering of cholesterol.
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By the way, please note:

This product is not suitable for girls who have not yet come of age.


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