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Blood-Flow Promoter Capsules For Heart Diseases Treatment


Blood-flow Promoter Capsules can promote the circulation of blood and vital energy, lower blood lipid and remove turbidity. Used for treatment of hyperlipaemia with manifestation of distending chest pain, stabbing pain in the front part of the heart, obstruction in the chest, ecchymosis on the tongue tip, and unsmooth pulses. 
Ingredients : Extract of Turmeric  



1.It is the rootstock of this plant that is used as the traditional Chinese medicinal which bears the name of the plant.  The medicinal has the property of promoting blood circulation and increasing vigor.  It has also an analgesic effect and can be used to treat thoracic pain caused by any increase of resistance to blood flow in the heart arteries.  According to modern research, this medicinal contains a volatile oil and some chemical compounds connected with flavone, which are summed up by the name of turmeric essence.  The pharmaceutical effect consists in that the turmeric essence can inhibit the congregation of platelets and can lower the density of blood plasma and the density of the whole blood.  Moreover, an extract of turmeric, together with the volatile oil, can reduce blood fat.
2.Turmeric also enhances the immune function, improves digestion and may reduce a person’s risk of heart attack.

Blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol can contribute to heart disease if it is not controlled. The first stages are cracks in the blood vessel walls. The second stage is when the body tries to repair itself by depositing fatty substances (cholesterol) inside the blood vessels to fill the cracks. Over time, the fat can clog the blood vessels, thus causing a heart attack or stroke.
The Early Symptoms of Cardiovascular Diseases:
Cardiovascular diseases include hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and heart diseases  ( coronary artery disease, pulmonary heart disease, senile valvular heart disease, and arrhythmia ).Symptoms vary according to the type of heart disease. Some heart diseases cause no symptoms in the early stages. Each person may experience different symptoms. Some may have chest pain or shortness of breath, fatigue and palpitations - sometimes, fainting and lightheadedness. Women sometimes experience a pain in the lower back - also, the fat around the stomach area could be a symptom of heart disease.
 The early symptoms are shown by patients as follows: 
*  Frequently having palpitations, being short of breath, or being oppressed in the chest and occasionally with stinging pain in the chest at the same time: These feelings generally disappear in l-2 seconds;
* Heartbeat increasing in speed with obvious discomfort in the chest, which soon disappears;
*  When doing heavy work the front area of the heart feeling painful, or the left area having radiating numbed pain; when doing light work the whole person feeling very tired, being oppressed in the chest and panting at the same time;
*  After a meal the chest bones and ribs feeling bloated and swollen, sometimes with cold perspiration bursting out; when sleeping, the chest continually feeling stuffed with the body unable to lie flat, and
*  After walking for a rather long time or if the speed of walking is a little too quick, the chest feeling bloated, panting at the same time, and the heart beating at increased speed.

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