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Chinese Herbal Treatment For High Blood Pressure


At present, if it is decided that treatment of the high blood pressure (hypertension) is necessary, there is no alternative to the use of hypotensive drugs---drugs that lower the blood pressure. The object of using such drugs is to reduce the person's blood pressure to normal levels, or as near the normal levels as he/she can tolerate, and to keep it there for each 24 hours of a day and each 365 days of a year for the rest of his/her life. This everlasting taking of hypotensive drugs is what patients of high blood pressure (hypertension), especially young ones, loathe doing.


Chinese Herbal Treatment For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure treatment (hypertension) is botanical in origin both in traditional Chinese medicine and in Western medicine. Among the famous anti-high blood pressure (hypertension) drugs which came to be used in the world early in the 20th century was reserpine, a white to yellowish powder, isolated from the roots of certain trees and shrubs called rauwolfia, grown in India and China.

Anyhow Chinese people learned a long time ago how to cure and prevent those diseases which we now know, from the symptoms described, were due to high blood pressure (hypertension). Treating high blood pressure (hypertension)) by means of herbs has been an essential part of the society since time immemorial.

How is high blood pressure (hypertension) to be controlled, then? In the opinion of traditional Chinese medical scholars, the problem should be tackled from what is at the root. They think that the basic task is to make the blood vessels free for blood to pass through, to increase the elasticity of the blood vessels and prevent them from hardening, and to nourish the liver so as to make it more powerful in performing its functions and purifying blood.

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine used to employ as medicinal materials various natural products, such as herbs, trees, roots of shrubs, and minerals. Although keeping to their original pattern, they began in the 20th century to pay more and more attention to technical innovations. They devised new measures and designed new products to meet the urgent demands of the wide public. Chinese medicine provides natural cures for high blood pressure and often does not produce the side effects that traditional medicines often cause. This makes Chinese medicine an alternative that is highly appealing to many individuals who have high blood pressure (hypertension) or are at an increased risk of developing this condition later in their lives.

 For instance, some specialists in medicinals experimented with many combinations of raw material taken from among herbs, minerals, trees and shrubs

Chinese Herbal Treatment For High Blood Pressure
and finally lighted upon one combination which could not only lower high blood pressures to the normal levels but also raise low blood pressures to the normal levels. The herb contains natural chemicals that prevent blood clotting, allows blood vessels to relax, increase heartbeats, and slow heart rates.After a careful study, they came to the conclusion that they had succeeded in composing a drug that could adjust a person's blood pressure and make it go up or down to arrive at the normal levels, which might be the ideal or optimum levels. It was a discovery or invention that could bring blessing to hundreds of thousands of people.

The aim of Chinese medicine for high blood pressure treatment is aimed not only to relieve the symptoms but in treating the underlying cause for the disease. Along with effective self management, Chinese medicine for high blood pressure can be useful and effective.

For the sake of helping patients of hypertension solve the hard problem of how to free themselves from the necessity of taking hypotensive drugs all life, this Company has chosen from the arsenal of traditional Chinese medicine for recommendation to them in all sincerity the drug Ilextensor. We also recommend you to drink herbal tea to prevent hypertension:Tea-leaf Flowers.
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