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Brain Strengthener for Insomnia Treatment


With acceleration of modern people’s tempo of life and the increase of their work burden, the number of patients of insomnia and amnesia is fast increasing,Medical conditions such as diabetic neuropathies may make getting any type of insomnia. Neuropathy is often very painful and can greatly disturb a person's sleeping ability. Some types of hypertensive drugs, or other drugs that treat depression will actually cause insomnia and more wakefulness. But the Western medicines for treating these chronic diseases are apt to give rise to drug dependency and produce side-effects.
TCM views insomnia as a disorder in health of the body as well as imbalanced interaction between the body and the spirit.
Brain Strengthener is made mainly from Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii, which is used to eliminate phlegm, to wake the patients from unconsciousness, and tranquilize the mind; Fructus Schisandrae, which is used to benefit vital energy, promote the production of body fluids, invigorate the kidney and calm the mind; and Radix Polygalae ,which is used to tranquilize the mind and nourish the heart as the main ingredient. It is an effective remedy to benefit the brain and tranquilize the mind for the treatment of neurasthenia.
In characteristics, this natural supplement is aimed at radical cure, entirely different from sedatives and stimulants. The effect of this natural product is achieved slowly, generally in a week after taking, and can be seen as remarkable in a month or two. Therefore, the insomnia treatment may need a month for patients  not seriuosly ill, and 2 months for the serious ones.
Action & Merits: Nourish the liver and the kidney and tranquilize the mind. Used for treatment of deficiency in liver and kidney energy and impairment of heart and spirit in such diseases as amnesia, insomnia, dysphoria, dreaminess, hectic fever, night sweat, listlessness, and fatigue. Also for above symptoms caused by neurasthenia.
Main ingredients: Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii, Cortex Lycii, Semen Caucutae, Radix Rehmanniae, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis, Radix Polygalae.


Neurasthenia Treatment With leafed Polygala

Chinese Narrow-leafed Polygala

It is unique in its therapeutic effect of curing insomnia, amnesia and neurasthenia, and, for long-term administration, is negligible in toxicity and side-effects. This traditional Chinese medicinal is a frequently used one.  It was recorded earliest in the classic Shen Nong’s Materia Medica, in which it was given a place of the utmost importance and praised as a medicinal indispensable for preserving long life.  It is used for treating insomnia and unnatural sleep with numerous episodes of dreaming, amnesia accompanied by horrible palpitations, poor mental state, in which the patient is frequently in a trance, and distressing coughing with difficulty in expelling phlegm, all of which are caused by poor cardiac or renal conditions.
Fruit of Chinese Magnoliavine

Fruit of Chinese Magnoliavine

 It contains a rich amount of organic acids, vitamins, flavonoids and plant sterols.  It improves a person’s health by strengthening his/her liver, increasing the efficiency of cells in expelling wastes, and supplying the body with more energy , so that both memory and sexual endurance are raised to higher levels.  It can protect the liver from being harmed by any toxic effect and can regenerate viscera damaged by abuse of alcohol or drugs, or by hepatitis.
Chinese Dodder For Kidney treatment

Seeds of Chinese Dodder

Chinese Dodder is a parasitic plant of special physiological construction. The seeds have a beneficial effect on the kidneys.  They nourish the liver and improve eyesight.  They may be used to cure impotence, nocturnal emission and nocturnal enuresis, i.e. bed-wetting.

Brain Strengthener allows you to master and control our sleep experience naturally and without harmful side effects. Unlike harsh, chemicals and addictive prescription medications for insomnia treatment, Brain Strengthener  works by augmenting the body's natural processes.

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