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Get Rid Of High Blood Pressure


Modern life is bringing to more and more middle-aged and young people high blood pressure. Patients of high blood pressure have to take hypotensive drugs daily, but most hypotensive drugs, especially those of the Western style, give the patients harmful effects of different degrees. Such hypotensive drugs may be likened to two-edged swords. On the one hand, they control the blood pressure, and on the other, they blight the life of the patients.

For the sake of helping patients of high blood pressure solve the hard problem of how to free themselves from the necessity of taking hypotensive drugs all life, Normotensor is a benediction to patients of high blood pressure.

Salient Characteristics and Advantages

1. Clinical applications of the medicine and extensive surveys of its therapeutic effects, carried out for almost a century, have attested to the fact that essential high blood pressure of all degrees of severity can be cured by taking Normotensor continually for 3-4 months, which means that the diastolic pressure is to be no higher than 80 mmHg and the systolic pressure no higher than 120. A patient of essential high blood pressure will not be prone to suffer a relapse after being cured by this medicine if he/she refrains from drinking and smoking and pay attention to the keeping of health.
2. Patients of high blood pressure not of the "essential" type may take other medicines needed by them side by side with Normotensor.
3. Normotensor is a top-notch product of traditional Chinese medicine, which is of long-standing history, and has been held in high esteem by patients for a long time because of its obvious therapeutic effect and the absence of toxicity and side effects.
4. This product is made of high-quality green natural Chinese and Tibetan medicinals, which are strong in medical effects, prompt in showing results and gentle in action. In short, the treatment by it is safe and complete.
5. Administration of this medicine to a high blood pressure patient can lower the blood pressure conspicuously. Moreover, this lowering of blood pressure is remarkable for being even and steady, without any tendency to rebound. To patients of hypotension Normotensor can also be administered so as to make the blood pressure rise to a healthy standard. All this is due to the fact that this natural blood pressure medicines is endowed with the ability to adjust and stabilize blood pressure continually so that it achieves the basic aim of cure at the same time as it alleviates the symptoms.
6. Normotensor prevents and treats complications of high blood pressure effectively in addition. The raw material of most of the Chinese medicinals for Normotensor comes from highland zones of extremely low temperature and scarcity of oxygen. Under the influence of the special natural conditions of lofty altitude, marked difference in temperature between day and night, extraordinary length of sunshine time and immense strength of photosynthesis and ultraviolet light prevailing at such places, the medicinal raw material produced there has as their characteristics overflowing biological activity, high rates of useful content, low contamination and fullness of healing power, which ensure the marvelous therapeutic efficacy of Normotensor and render it peerless among all the substances in the realm of traditional Chinese medicine that are used for reducing blood pressure.

Chief ingredients: Acronychia pedunculata, Aristolochia debillis, tufa, green orchid, saffron, lac, clove, Tibetan madder, nutmeg, Tibetan gromwell, round cardamom, rabbit ear herb, Amomum tsao-ko, and dwarf violet

In principle, lower blood pressure should aim at lowering the blood pressure gradually, by small margins, and protect the body organs at the same time. In regard to society at large, the ultimate aim is to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and the mortality from them. How is high blood pressure to be controlled, then? In the opinion of traditional Chinese medical scholars, the problem should be tackled from what is at the root. They think that the basic task is to make the blood vessels free for blood to pass through, to increase the elasticity of the blood vessels and prevent them from hardening, and to nourish the liver so as to make it more powerful in performing its functions and purifying blood.

In the course of designing blood pressure medicines-Normotensor, traditional Chinese pharmacologists based their research upon the pathology and pathogenesis of the disease and, bringing into full play the superiority of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology in composing new prescriptions and making new drugs, proceeded to do the work on the principle of"Monarch, Ministers, and commoners", by which a multitude of ingredients are arranged in the order of their relative importance from the most important to the least and manipulated in such a way as to give the optimum result. They made scientific matchings through painstaking screening and selection of the medicinal herbs so as to make the therapeutic value of the resulting medicine manifest and prominent, keeping always in view the requirement of making one medicine serve for curing several diseases without a single side effect.(natural cures for high blood pressure)

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