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Normotensor Chief Ingredients


Hypertension is a condition of the heart that can cause many problems. Some people believe that hypertension is caused by people who are hyperactive, stressed or nervous. However, anyone can get hypertension.The term hypertension is when the amount of pressure on the blood that flows is too high. This increase in pressure can cause atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. This in turn can cause a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and even an aneurysm. 
A number of the specialists held the view that the quality of a hypertension patient's blood might have a bearing on the mysterious cause of “essential” hypertension, held to be inexplicable in aetiology by Western medicine. People sorely afflicted with the disease of hypertension may need to have their blood improved in quality first, in order to get their hypertension cured in the true sense of the word. For this reason, the ingredients of the medicine should also be excellent in quality. The natural treatment for hypertension should aim at lowering the blood pressure gradually, by small margins, and protect the body organs at the same time.So the specialists of Chinese medicine turned their attention to the flora of Tibet in their search for raw material. Tibet flaunts a great multitude of trees and herbs of superior therapeutic effects, which only she with her peculiar geographic location, lofty altitude and abundant sunshine can produce. This accounts in part for the extraordinary strength of the newly-designed medicine---Normotensor.

This herbal hypertension medicines is made of high-quality green natural Chinese and Tibetan medicinals, which are strong in medical effects, prompt in showing results and gentle in action. In short, the treatment by it is safe and complete.
Chief Ingredients of Normotensor:


Acronychia pedunculata
Acronychia pedunculata

a tree, the trunk core of which is used as the principal material of the medicine for facilitating the flow of blood in the body where it happens to be stagnant


Aristolochia Debilis to reduce hypertension
Aristolochia debilis

a herb, the root of which is used for lowering blood pressure if it happens to be high


herbs to reduce hypertension
a herb, the flower of which is used to reduce the resistance of blood vessels


Rubia Cordifolia
Rubia Cordifolia
a herb, the root of which is used for helping the production of new blood


Tibetan gromwell
Tibetan gromwell
a herb, the root of which is used to keep the blood cool and reduce blood sugar


Amonum tsao-ko
Amonum tsao-ko

a herb, the fruits of which are used to remove unneeded humidity from blood and keep the blood clean of alcoholic poison


The question which remained was whether it would be possible to make it unnecessary for a patient to be obliged to take the medicine all his/her life. The answer seemed to be in the positive. Since this herbal hypertension medicine can both lower a high blood pressure and raise a low blood pressure towards the normal levels it may have the inherent property of enabling a person’s blood pressure to vacillate up and down the normal levels for some time and then become stable for a period. Don't overlook the risk of low blood pressure,when someone start experiencing low blood pressure symptoms remember that the brain is the first organ to malfunction in such situations because it's located at the top of the body and as a result you will experience dizziness or even fainting. He/She should be aware that if don't treat low blood pressure seriously it might lead to brain damage.Taking advantage of the opportunity offered by a period in which the person’s blood pressure has been stable at normal levels for quite a long time and the person is in a relaxed and expectant frame of mind, he/she can choose to withdraw from the medicine and say good-bye to it.

It was found that when Normotensor was in use a patient of hypertension could successfully withdraw from it by taking part in some light physical exercise for a short period to upgrade further the blood quality. It has also been found that this medicine is suitable for patients of hypertension without hyperglycemia or hyperlipemia.(hypertension natural treatment)

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