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Normotensor FAQ Section


Normotensor is made of high-quality green natural Chinese herbs and Tibetan herbs, which are strong in medical effects, prompt in showing results and gentle in action. In short, the treatment of high blood pressure by it is safe and complete.
Administration of this medicine to a hypertension patient can lower the blood pressure conspicuously. Moreover, this lowering of blood pressure is remarkable for being even and steady, without any tendency to rebound. To patients of hypotension Normotensor can also be administered so as to make the blood pressure rise to a healthy standard.

A.What are the special features of Normotensor?


This herbal product is one of the often-used traditional Chinese medicines for treating high blood pressure and cardio-cerebro-vascular diseases.  In clinical applications, it is frequently used on its own or in combination with other drugs.


This product has a conspicuous hypotensive effect and distinguishes itself by lowering blood pressure naturally and smoothly and by the fact that the lowered pressure is not apt to rebound.


This product is based on a rational prescription by which reinvigoration, promotion of blood flow, removal of excess heat of the blood and purification of blood are carried out at the same time.  Therefore, this product is speedy in achieving the desired effect and the treatment is comprehensive.


This product is composed of elaborately-selected medicinals of the best quality, which are not only efficacious but also salient in belonging to the green nature of the world.  No toxicity or undue side effects have ever been found in long-term clinical practical employment.  You may rest assured of its safety.

B. I am now taking some other hypotensive drug.  May I take Normotensor at the same time?  How shall I proceed if I want to do it?
l.If you want to replace the drug you are now taking with Normotensor, you may take them together but you must take them at different hours. They are to be separated by three hours  Please take Normotensor first, in the morning.
2 After taking Normotensor for 3-5 days, you will be conscious of its healthcare effect.  After taking it for 7-10 days, please reduce by half the amount of the hypotensive drug you are now taking.  Please stop taking that medicine in 15-20 days after you began taking Normotensor.
C. How long shall a patient of essential hypertension take Normotensor before he/she needs to  stop doing it?
Generally speaking, a patient of essential hypertension will find his/her blood pressure quite stable after he/she has taken Normotensor for three months and fifteen days.  He/she may stop taking it by that time.
D.How long shall a patient of non-essential hypertension take Normotensor before he/she can stop doing it ?


 A patient of non-essential hypertension needs to have his/her other cardio-cerebro-vascular disease treated at the same time as he/she looks after his/her hypertension.  The time of taking traditional Chinese medicine or herbs and the time of taking Western medicine should be separated by three hours.


A patient of non-essential hypertension will have find his/her blood pressure stabilized quite well after taking Normotensor for three months and fifteen days, and he/she may reduce the daily dosage.  The aim of healthcare and blood pressure stabilization can be achieved by taking Normotensor 2-3 days in a week then.


If all indices of health become normal after Normotensor has been taken for six months, its administration may be ceased.

E.I fear that my hypertension will appear again.  What shall I do?
Spring and autumn are the two seasons in which diseases tend to recrudesce.  In order to avoid the recrudescence of hypertension, you may take one course of Normotensor in each of these two seasons, which means you may take Normotensor for one month in spring and autumn respectively to prevent recrudescence of hypertension.
F. Is not Normotensor a hypotensive?  How can it make the blood pressure of a patient of hypotension rise to the normal level?
Normotensor is not simply a medicine for lowering blood pressure.  It is a traditional Chinese medicine for curing abnormal blood pressure.  Hypotension pertains to abnormality in blood pressure as well as hypertension. So it can rise and attain the normal level by virtue of the administration of Normotensor.(herbs for lowering blood pressure)

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