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Hong Kong-Capital of Delicious Foods in Asia

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Hong Kong-Capital Of Delicious Foods In Asia

Hong Kong is deemed by general agreement the capital of delicious foods in Asia. You, like some other foreign friends of ours, may object to this title as being hyperbolic or excessive, because you have never been to Hong Kong or because you did not gratify yourself with the available fine foods to your heart’s content while staying in Hong Kong. It is highly probable that your native place has a profuse variety of delicacies which you love with lifelong devotion. However, I am of the opinion that you don’t need to worry that you will be deprived of the enjoyment of the foods of your native place during the period when you are here in Hong Kong. You will not be disappointed, no matter whether you want to eat Chinese foods, other Asian foods, Western foods or even international foods.

You can be sure that the catering restaurants here can not only provide a great variety of dishes but will also strive to the best of their ability to make you feel satisfied. This is partly due to the fact that competition is very severe here, which keeps the catering service always at the highest standard. Hong Kong is the place where you can exhaustively relish the delicacies of all places of the world. As Hong Kong is located inside the Guangdong province, it provides a complete set of Guangdong dishes constituting the so-called Guangdong cuisine, as distinguished from other provincial or regional types of Chinese cuisine, not only in differences in culinary art but also in quality of products. Guangdong dishes are often surprisingly superior.

Moreover, the catering industry of Hong Kong has been making great efforts all along to learn from the styles of cooked dishes and the culinary methods of

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other places of China, the Far East and the Western world and to instill new elements into the local style, constantly striving to weed through the old in order to bring forth the new and to improve what is already deemed excellent. The genuine Hong Kong catering culture has not only inherited the traditions of China but also received the influence of foreign culture. It may be looked upon as a galaxy of Chinese and outlandish features.

It is by no means exaggeration to say that Hong Kong is the world of sweet foods and drinks. They are sold on big streets and in small alleys, where you can buy them in cool-tea shops.

Hong Kong-Capital Of Delicious Foods In Asia

There are two shops of considerable scale with Chinese names of "Xu Liu Shan"and "Guo Liu Xiang"respectively, which are hard for foreign consumers to keep in mind. We may go there to take a look. Then we’ll visit some wineshops, where master chefs prepare the sweet foods and drinks of different countries, which are remarkable not only for their great variety in styles and breadth of fashion, but also for their creativity in design and purity of taste. Besides the delicious taste, the sweet foods and drinks of Hong Kong flaunt labels concerned with the improvement of health, such as moistening of lungs, beautification of complexion, giving you a lift, dispelling the cold, and replenishing your vitality. The implication is that you may relish the good taste and improve your health simultaneously. There are many benefits to be gained in one swoop. Before you have decided on your choice, I'll recommend to you a particular item: Yi Shun double-skin milk. The price is 18 Yuan a bowl. Although it is expensive, you still need to have it. Because it is really wonderful in taste. Raise a spoonful of the milk to your lips and take several sips of it. The aroma of the milk will propagate in your mouth slowly until it fills all your sense organs and then disperse imperceptibly like a dream that has come and gone. You must hurry. Take another spoonful of the milk!

There are two types of the double-skin milk: frozen and heated. You must make a point of ordering the frozen type. The slightly wrinkled layer of milk skin on the top is the quintessence of the delicacy in its entirety. The pleasant aroma of the milk is strong enough to remain around your tongue for three days before disappearing completely.

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