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Brilliant Hong Kong Nightlife

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Since its reversion to China Hong Kong has become an Isle of the Blessed and a land on which people of high economic, social and political standing

Hong Kong Nightlife Bar

congregate. It is a city which seems only to be encountered in fairy tales. Here you have beautiful sights of Nature to view and admire and also the great variety of pleasure provided by modern commercial civilization to enjoy. Here you can immerse yourself in the material gratifications of modern society and relive the plain and pure style of life of the primordial age.

Hong Kong nightlife is waiting eagerly for you to admire its beauty. The daytime Hong Kong has concealed itself in the brilliance of the lights, which, like thousands of birds tired with flight, perch in rows at high places. Let's take a walk to the Victoria Bay. At this time, the night sky of the Victoria Bay is an immense expanse permeated with a deep blue color which is beyond the power of literary description. This dark blue color is deepening further with the passing of time into a deep gray. The best place to behold and admire the nocturnal scene of the seaport is the narrowest part of Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui, where the sea surface is only 1,000 meters wide. The brilliance of concentrated lighting engenders the splendor of Central---the commercial center of this metropolis.

Hong Kong Night

The lighting sketches the contours of the entire island in unparalleled beauty. The Victoria seaport is like a mirror reflecting the wonderfully lighted-up Hong Kong. The neon lights of the inverted image of the city in the sea water bear close resemblance to a rainbow. There are laser demonstrations at the Central every night. Look at the laser lights in the picture. This is not a night scene of Hong Kong on any holiday. It is that of an ordinary day. You would feel that the dazzling and bewildering lamplights and laser lights form as if the real substance of Hong Kong. Let’s stand here for a while and lose ourselves in admiration of the scene. Are you a little tired with standing? Why not find a place to sit for a few minutes? How about having a few glasses of cocktail in the Lan Kwai Fong Barroom?

Lan Kwai Fong, rich in petty bourgeois sentiments, has retained all along the character of European barrooms and nightclubs. It has set up by now more than 50 consumer sites in the way of barrooms.

Hong Kong Nightlife Bar

The shop names and their decorations are fully Westernized, flaunting an exotic emotional appeal. It has won reputation as a special cultural region specific to Hong Kong. It is the place of convergence of men and women of fashion addicted to night life and the forum of personages of some fame in the city.

The night market on the Temple Street is not far from this place. It's the right time for you to pay a visit to the "big stalls", which are filled with bona fide Guangdong usage and customs, to enjoy a rich night snack there. You will be astonished to find that the night market is located in the open but is brightly lit up, swarming with customers and seething with activity. It will make you feel very comfortable in the stomach to eat a bowl of porridge of Guangdong characteristics after drinking so much alcohol. As for porridge (gruel), I'd like to tell you that it has a long history in China. It dates back to a time perhaps even earlier than dry cooked rice. Guangdong people are very particular about the quality of the porridge that they eat. It must be boiled for so long as to become fine and smooth like silk fibers. Various kinds of meat and vegetables are added to it for producing porridge of different styles. Snacks will continue until six o’clock in the morning. They will be followed by morning tea of the next day.

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