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Hong Kong Seafood

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Hong Kong Seafood

Hong Kong people are very fond of seafood Hong Kong. They will certainly tell you that since you have arrived at Hong Kong you have no choice but to eat seafood. The reason is very simple. There is not only a great variety of seafood here but the cuisine is also full of novelties. In this respect, no other place can hope to succeed in vying with Hong Kong. At seafood banquets in Hong Kong the most commonly seen dish is the steamed grouper, on which only a little garlic, spring onion and soy sauce are sprinkled to keep its original taste. Crabs and prawns are kept in aquaria, and they leap about when they are taken out for cooking. You may order that they be cooked by steaming or frying in shallow or deep oil, as you like. There are scallops, conches, clams and other bivalves, and a great number of unfamiliar sea products in the menu, so that you will be so confused while reading their names as to find it difficult to do the choosing. Dishes of seafood are supplied by almost all restaurants in Hong Kong, and the quality is generally quite high.

The best dishes of seafood, however, are to be found only in Sai Kuang, which is reputed as the "the back garden of Hong Kong".

It is also the Hong Kong citizens' first choice as the place to spend their leisure at. Here Chinese fishing boats and Western yachts are anchored side by

Hong Kong Seafood

side. On the shore, Spanish villas and local Chinese houses make an interesting contrast. You may stand outside a seafood restaurant and do your choosing right there so as to save your time, and the cooks will prepare the dishes according to your requirement and have them carried into the cabin for you and your guests to enjoy. You can get delicious seafood served up as if by just saying "Presto chango". Although I have said that seafood is what you need to taste when you are in Hong Kong, I'd like to arrange for those of you who have come from afar for the purpose of participating in the horsemanship contest of the Beijing Olympics a rich evening dinner of the Guangdong style. At that dinner you will first have as the hors d'oeuvre an appetizing sambal cucumber of the Southeast-Asian style. Sambal is a condiment which is quite common in Malaysia. When it is mixed into cucumber, yellow pear and mango, these common foodstuffs of subtropical areas will become fascinating.

A close follow-up to the above dish will be a big bowl of chicken soup prepared by steaming, with slices of American ginseng and Chinese dates (jujubes) in it. Soups have a unique and high position among Guangdong dishes. Not only are there numerous styles and cooking methods of soups, but the materials in them are mostly of the highest class. It is believed that the nutritious ingredients in soups are easy to be absorbed for the improvement of a person's health. The soup I am planning to supply you with is said to be able to nourish your internal organs, better your looks, give you a lift and replenish your waning energy. It is pale and light, suitable for those who have put on too much weight lately.

Chinese food

The next I'll order to be served up is a Guangdong-styled assorted dish of roasted and cured meats. In the plate brought to the table there will be roast goose, meat of a sucking pig, roast pork and pot-stewed chicken. This kind of meat food can be found in the recipes pertaining to the cuisine of each of the several large regions of China. But roasted and cured meats of the Guangdong style are most highly lauded. The reason is that Guangdong cuisine relies on soy sauce made according to a secret recipe. The meat is generally cured with the soy sauce for a certain length of time and then roasted in the oven, and the product has a taste that is slightly sweet, which appeals to Guangdong people; the surface skin is roasted to a deep red color with an alluring luster and is crisp but not tough; and the meat is peerlessly fragrant and tender, so as to become highly palatable. The shop of long standing named "Deep-well Roast goose" sells roasted and cured meats which can be considered the perihelion of good taste.

The prawn is the seafood we often eat, but that dish of prawns which I'll order for you is distinctive in several respects. It is cooked with a special fish sauce, chilli, and tomato paste supplemented by other condiments so as to become fit to be called the salty-vinegary prawns. Owing to the great variety of seasoning material used in cooking it, the taste has assumed an intricacy which you seldom meet with. Besides, you are bound to be allured by the color, which will convince you that the prawns are fresh and tasty. I guess you will not stand on ceremony and will no doubt help yourself to more than one prawn. The steamed grouper will of course be indispensable. Some sea foods may be eaten raw. Why don't you have a try?

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