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Most Popular Chinese Hot Pot Recipes

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From a commercial point of view, however, it would be necessary first of all to find a way to distinguish the great variety of types of Chinese hot pot served in restaurants. The following concise description might be of help to a layman in this respect in making his choosing.

Popular Chinese hot pot recipes
Chinese Hot Pot Recipes

Instant-boiled Mutton Dish

The chief ingredient is mutton. The sauce to be dipped in is of a peculiar sort, which is relished by most people living in the northern part of China.
Chinese Hot Pot Recipes

Acute-peppery Dish

This hot pot was invented by people in the Sichuan province. The original name sounded rather rude and was discarded in favor of the name "acute-peppery dish", which was preferred at places outside the Sichuan province.
Chinese Hot Pot Recipes

Mandarin-duck Dish

The mandarin-duck hot pot was invented later out of sympathy for fellow-diners who did not like the extremely hot taste. The term "mandarin duck" has the implication of a couple deeply in love with each other because mandarin duck are always seen in pairs. This type of Chinese hot potis suitable for lovers both young and old and, therefore, very popular.
Chinese Hot Pot Recipes

Pickled-vegetable and White-cut Pork Dish

This type was invented by people of the northeastern part of China. The main ingredients are pickled sour cabbage and streaky pork.

Besides the four types mentioned above there are medicated-meal hot pot, Japanese-style hot pot, Republic-of-Korea hot pot, etc. please keep in mind my advice that when you come to China you should not miss the opportunity of entering a hot pot restaurant to enjoy sharing in the dietary culture of China.

If we approach the Chinese hot pot from the angle of hygiene and nutrition, we can easily see that owing to the high temperature in the apparatus all germs will be killed provided that the foodstuff is put in the dish for a sufficiently long time. The foodstuffs left for boiling in the Chinese hot pothave each its constituents, which will in part be left in the boiling water, with the result that the ultimate soup will be very high in nutritious value, which every person present may partake of by simply using his spoon.

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