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Chinese Popular Home Remedies For Asthma


1.Garlic immersed in honey for asthma treatment

Asthma treatment with garlic

Select in springtime 60-90 bulbs of young and tender garlic, wash them clean and immerse them in honey. Seal the receptacle and preserve the garlic in honey for six months. When autumn and winter arrive, open the receptacle and eat one bulb of garlic a day. You will not be tormented by asthma for at least three years.


2.Apple and hen"s egg for curing chronic bronchitis and asthma

chronic bronchitis and asthma treatment

Select a large apple that can stand erect on its flat bottom. Cut into the top of the apple with a knife and get out of it a piece of the apple in the form of the cork of a wine bottle. Do away with the core of the fruit, and dig out a cavity in the apple with a small spoon so that the fruit become a very much like a large cup that does not leak. Get a fresh hen"s egg. Break the shell and pour the white and the yolk into the apple cavity. Then seal the aperture with the cork-like top and steam the apple in a steamer or pan for 40 minutes. Eat the apple when it is very hot. Eat such an apple a day for three days on end for your chronic bronchitis and you will be surprised by its effect on your disease-chronic bronchitis or asthma.

3.Thick soybean milk can cure asthma

Asthma treatment with Soya milk

Soak soybeans in water for a long period. Press the milk out of the beans by using a meat mincer or any other mincing machine. Strive to make the milk as thick as possible. Heat the thick milk in a pan. Add to it a little monosodium glutamate and salt. Drink this thick soybean milk as if it were tea. You will feel its good effect of asthma treatment after a certain length of time.

 4.Grapes steeped in alcohol with rock candy for treating bronchial asthma

bronchial asthma treatment with grapes

This is a folk prescription discovered by a patient in his effort to find a method for curing the disease which had tormented him for fifteen years.
Take 500 grams of grapes, preferably rose fragrance grapes and steep them, with 100 grams of rock candy, in a strong liquor, made usually from sorghum in China. The grapes must be washed clean, all those that are not intact or are rotted being excluded. The rock candy should be broken into small fragments. The utensil for doing the steeping should be a bottle which has a large neck. The bottle with the alcohol and the grapes and rock candy have to be tightly sealed and placed at a cool place, where it has to remain for about 20 days. The contents are then ready for administration. Every day, in the morning, 20 grams are to be eaten on an empty stomach, and another 20 grams are to be consumed in the same manner in the evening before going to bed.
According to what the patient related to the compiler, this medicine would show effect in three months and eradicate asthma in a year. For three years on end since that time the patients had never had any attacks of wheezing, dyspnea, cough, and expectoration of mucoid sputum. His asthma had been completely cured, he said.

 5.Honeyed walnut meat and sesame for treating asthma

walnut meat Asthma Treatment

A person who had suffered from labored breathing, chest constriction, and coughing for 35 years was miraculously saved from the torture of these symptoms of asthma by a simple method which he had learned from some source and would like to impart to other people. The method is as follows. Take 250 grams of walnut meat and 100 grams of black sesame (The sesame is to be slightly fried in a pan first). Pound with a pestle the walnut meat into small pieces. Get a large spoon or small ladle used for serving rice. Take one ladleful of honey and two ladlefuls of water. Boil them on the stove or otherwise. Pour them immediately into the pounded walnut meat and the black sesame. Mix them thoroughly with a pair of chopsticks. Then put the mixture into a steamer to be steamed for 20 minutes. Use a soupspoon to eat the product in the morning and in the evening, each time by two spoonfuls.

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