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Blood Pressure Treatment With Herbal Plants

Blood Pressure Treatment Herbal Plants

Most people suffering from high blood pressure tend to spend a lot on prescription medications and maintenance drugs. In most cases, there is really nothing wrong with high pressure medication, except, of course, your medical bills. However, there are also people from whom high pressure medication side effects can be pretty severe. The good news is that there are plants that naturally lower blood pressure.

Tea-leaf flower

Anti-hypertension Tea-leaf flower is a health-care product which can cure or prevent hypertension. But what is Anti-hypertension tea-leaf flower? It is an organism of the vegetable kingdom which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for almost a thousand years. China is a country with many dialects. The plant we are now considering has quite a few dialect names. Anti-hypertension Tea-leaf flower is the literal, or semantic, translation of just one of these dialect names. The other dialect names would best be translated phonetically, for their literal translations would each carry some irrelevant significance. For example, a popular name is phonetically lobma, which is not suitable for literal translation. When in difficulty of mutual understanding, we may use its scientific name, which is Apocynum venetum.

In principle, the treatment of hypertension should aim at lowering the blood pressure gradually, by small margins, and protect the body organs at the same time. In the opinion of traditional Chinese medical scholars, the problem should be tackled from what is at the root. They think that the basic task is to make the blood vessels free for blood to pass through, to increase the elasticity of the blood vessels and prevent them from hardening, and to nourish the liver so as to make it more powerful in performing its functions and purifying blood.

Anti-hypertension Tea-leaf flower is more than a simple health-care drink. It can be used as a medicine to cure high blood pressure. What is especially noteworthy in this respect is that in most cases the therapeutic effect increases progressively instead of decreasing with the period of administration of this tea as a medicine. This fact once filled people with wonder.

After making due investigations, some scholars claimed that they had found the cause of this progressive increase in efficacy of Anti-hypertension tea-leaf flower in alleviating the symptoms of high blood pressure. The active ingredients of this herbal medicine tend to stay in blood for a long time. The accumulation of increments of these active ingredients in the blood over a long period makes for elevation of the total effect and causes the medicine to seem more and more efficacious.

The active ingredients that the Anti-hypertension tea-leaf flower contains are flavone (2%) (including rutin) and other chemicals, such as anthraquinone derivatives, glutamine acid, and steroids.


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