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Chinese Tea for Health

Chinese Tea for Health

Tea culture is the crystallization of Chinese people's tradition and custom of drinking tea combined with the development of their technique of processing tea leaves to produce the final product. Tea is a shrub ( Thea sinensis ) which has fragrant white flowers and evergreen leaves. The dried leaves of this plant, plucked in various stages of growth and prepared by various processes, are used to make a hot beverage. If the leaves are fully fermented or oxidized before drying, the final product is called black tea because it is dark in color. "Black tea" is the term used by English-speaking people. In the Chinese language it is referred to as "red tea" in contrast to "green tea".

Contemporary tea-drinking people of China pay great attention to the health-care properties of the tea they drink. It is necessary to mention here that tea contains two alkaloids,i.e. caffeine and theophylline besides a number of other chemical ingredients. Both caffeine and theophylline are diuretics and cardiac stimulants. They can stimulate the central nervous system of the human body; thereby lifting the person's spirits and invigorating his/her brain function. If a person drinks a few cups of tea a day, the acidic substances in his/her muscles, being neutralized from time to time, will not be able to accumulate. He/She will not easily feel tired; will almost always be in high spirit, and will be able to work with high efficient.

In the present-day world obese people tend to increase in number. The flavonoid, aromatic substances, and theophylline that exist in tea can reduce the contents of cholesterol and triglyceride in human blood and also diminish the density of blood fat. Therefore, they have the power of reducing adipose.

When a person is watching TV, it will do him/her good to drink tea at the same time. This is not just for simultaneous enjoyment of taste and sight. There is

Chinese Tea for Health

a scientific reason underlying this dual act. When the TV set is working, the fluorescent screen emits rays which are harmful to human health. Although the dosage of such rays is very small, it will play havoc with the person's blood-making mechanism if the distance from the person to the TV set is very short and the time spent on watching the TV show is too long. Scientific experiments have shown that drinking tea can protect the human body from harmful effect of radiation. It can be inferred that tea leaves must contain material(s) which can defend the body's blood-making mechanism. For example, if a person has been engaged in work which obliges him/her to be subjected to radiation for a long period, the total number of leucocytes in his/her blood may become lower than 5,000 or even lower than 4,000 per cubic mm.

It will be necessary for him/her to persist in drinking a large amount of tea for three or four weeks in order to make the number of leucocytes per cubic mm rise to the normal level. A person who is fond of watching TV may need to drink every day three to five cups of tea, which should not be too dilute, to fend off the effect of radiation from the fluorescent screen.

There often appear on an old person's face and the backs of his/her hands what are called senile plaques. They are worse than wrinkles and hurt the person's dignity and self-respect. In order to get rid of them, the person needs to drink green tea. Researchers say that they have discovered the chemical reactions underlying this ability of the green tea. We don't need to delve into the theory or doctrine they have put forward. What we deem it necessary to do is to advise you to drink green tea.

The last thing we would like to tell you here is that drinking at least one cup of tea a day will reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack by at least 40%. This is probably due to the fact that tea contains flavonoid and certain vitamins which prevent blood to coagulate inside the human body.

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