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Chinese Food Therapy for the Common Cold

Chinese Food For Common Cold Treatment

Chinese medicine is based on balance and harmony, in which food therapy plays a pivotal role through its flavors, energies and movements. For thousands of years, the Chinese have used food science for food cures.

When concrete problems are to be considered in reference to the dietary requirements of the four seasons of a year, still more attention is paid to the time, climate, and suitability to the condition of the human body in the given season. In springtime, appropriate amounts of vinegary and fragrant food should be added in order to keep the body channels open for passage and to whet the appetite; in summertime, the proper addition of cool and bitterish food would be necessary to give those at the table a feeling of coolness and promote the palatability of the dishes, thus making people oblivious of the ambient summer heat; in the fall, with the approaching cold weather, a bit of pungent food would be desirable for the purpose of fending off the attack of cold wind; and in wintertime, the rigors of the cold weather demand that salty dishes and hot soups be added to the daily menu so as to increase the ability of the human body to defend itself against the severe cold. All this gives embodiment to the theory of the Chinese classical philosophy that "nature, place, human being and time"are to be bound into an inseparable whole.

"Let food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food." Food therapy is the foundation of Chinese medicine.For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has focused on food cures.

Here are some simple food therapy preparations for the common cold that is quite popular in China:

1.A Gruel for prevention of the Attack of the common cold

Take 250 grams of polished round-grained rice, wash it clean and put it in a pan which contains 2,000 grams of clean water. Heat the pan until the water in it begins to boil. Then lower by a big margin the temperature of heating until the water boils with almost imperceptible rippling. When the rice has been cooked to a state more than half good enough for eating, put into the pan 100 grams of scallion stalks which have been washed clean and cut into minute bits. Put additionally into the pan 25 grams of ginger particles. Cook the gruel further until it is completely suitable for consumption, and then add 100 grams of brown sugar to it. This tasty dish, or medical preparation, is effective for fending off the common cold.

2.Roasted Orange for curing the common cold

Take a whole orange. Hold it by means of a pair of tongs over fire at a distance of one to two inches. Turn it around frequently when you are thus roasting it. Get ready to eat it when it is emanating vapor and aroma. In order to use it as a medicine, you need to peel it, add to it two spoonfuls of vinegar and pour on it an adequate amount of boiling water. The whole lot constitutes the first dose of the medicine. The second dose is to be prepared and administered in the same way a few hours later. This preparation is highly efficacious, especially for a person who has just caught cold.

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