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What Is Correct Food Combining?


Correct food combining is useful because it allows the body to properly digest and thus assimilate and utilize the nutrients in our foods to their full extent. Incorrect food combining creates wastes of undigested food which rots inside the body, creating over-acidity, non-assimilation of nutrients, and disease in the body. Incorrect food combining and its expressed symptoms of indigestion like bloating, stinky gas, bad body odor, bad breath, hiccups, burping, abdominal acid heat discomfort (acid reflux) are so common in today’s society that it is considered "normal", rather than unhealthy and imbalanced and in need of re-adjustment recovery.

How does this imbalance get created? Example: The foods taking longer to digest (such as meat & bean proteins and concentrated fat foods, 2-4 hrs) when combined in the stomach with the faster digesting foods (such as fruit, dried fruit, fruit juices, sugar desserts, soft drinks, 1-2 hrs), do not get fully digested (fully liquefied) before leaving the stomach. Some proteins & concentrated fat foods can take 4-8 hours to liquefy (digest). When meat & bean proteins and concentrated fat foods enter the digestive track in chunks, and combine with the refined sugars, this activates the process of fermentation, producing acid foam and gas bubbling, and further ferments and putrefies in the bowels, creating hot vinegars, acid wastes and alcohols, making very stinky gas farts and body odor.

If this eating pattern is sustained for weeks, months and years, this internal chemistry can create a variety of gastro-intestinitis illnesses. The tiredness and sleepiness after meals is often a sign of this kind of dietary imbalance, even to the point of a "stupor of drunkeness", showing signs of heavy fatigue and even passing out after meals. This food combination of heavy proteins & concentrated fat foods with refined sugar foods/drinks is the most difficult for most bodies. It creates these signs of purification which compromises absorption of nutrients into the cells, impairing assimilation and creating excess internal acidic waste as the biological body chemistry. All kinds of ill health diseases grow from this.

Food combining is about the Quality of the foods/drinks combined or taken into the body.

Understanding the quality of the foods and drinks and topicals, meaning knowing the ingredients and if they are wholesome and non-toxic, is very important. Quality can also be measured if the food is “Whole”, “Organic”, “Raw”, “Ripe”, “Fresh”, “Local Grown”, and that it is not refined, processed, pasteurized (heated), chemically preserved, GMO, or has synthetic ingredients. Like:

1.Refined sugars (white sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup, etc.)

2.Coffee, black tea, oolong tea, Chai

3.Refined flours that make pastas and breads

4.“Junk food” and “fast food”

5.Chemically preserved foods in cans and bottles

6.Processed foods and preserved foods

7.GMO foods & ingredients

8.Black & white pepper, Garlic, Onions, Mustard, Salt

9.Gelatin, Baking soda or powder

10.Flesh foods (meat, poultry, fish) and eggs

11.Milk and milk products, milk powder dye 40 products, all canned toxic food preservative foods

13.cooked / heated oils, cooked into foods and added to cooked foods

14.commercial iodized salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt

An excess of acidity from these substances, especially for years and decades, creates a whole-body biological "culture" ("Acidic biological fluid pH") for the growth of harmful bacteria, harmful yeast, harmful infections and other harmful growths such as tumors and cancers. Excess acidic fluids inflame tissues, even to the point that many cells become anaerobic, and act as a culture in which the breeding of fungus, parasites, mold, calcifications, stones, infections, viruses, gout, and the other “excess acidic symptoms” can and does occur. It also produces bone loss, muscle/joint pain and arthritis, internal organ dysfunction and vascular clogging.

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