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Diet Therapy and Preservation for Thin People

Diet Therapy and Preservation for Thin People

From the standpoint of traditional Chinese medical theory,thin people are mostly deficient in body liquids, especially blood and, in the case of a male, sperm, though they tend to be agile and physically active. They are plagued by internal fire, which may flare up in some tangible form. For example, these people are often in an excessively excited state, and it is easy for them to be afflicted with insomnia and erosion of mucous membrane in the oral cavity.

For these reasons, there is a popular saying in China: "Fat people are short of vital breath, whereas thin people are deficient in blood supply".

Experts point out that although people who differ in types of body-build have different constitutions and diverse physiological characteristics, their organisms can be brought into mutually similar balanced states by health preservation means that are appropriate. Otherwise, pathological conditions may appear.

traditional Chinese medical theory for thin people

Thin people are very often deficient in body liquids and as a result have strong internal fire, which is symptomatic of the deficiency. Therefore, they need to eat foods which in a sense moisten their internal organs and fill up their depleted body liquids. They ought to consume lily bulbs, honey, and balsam pear (bitter gourd), which are generally believed to be conducive to moistening of the viscera and quenching of the internal fire.

They should not eat too much of acrid-aromatic and pungent foods, such as hot pepper, aniseed and cinnamon. They should abstain from ordering dishes that are pan-fried, deep-fried, quick-fried or stir-fried and eating foods that are said to have the property of making people sweat unnaturally, feel thirsty too frequently, become constipated unexpectedly for too long, or show other signs of intensification of internal fire. Deficiency in body liquids, moreover, often engenders what traditional Chinese medicine views as heat inside, whereby thin people may feel ill at ease and seem choleric, thirsty with throat pain, or, contrary to general belief, inordinately eager for sexual intercourse. Therefore, during the time when one is nourishing his/her body, he/she should strive to dispel the heat inside, which is indicative not of strength but of deficiency and is highly harmful.

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