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Healthy Tips For Summers

No sooner had spring passed than the month of May arrived. The sun began to beam with greater and greater force and brilliance. All plant life is thriving vigorously and lushly, with a tendency towards ever-increasing luxuriance. In May there is the day called the Beginning of Summer, which falls on the 5th or 6th day of the month and is one of the twenty-four seasonal division points by which the solar year is divided under the traditional calendar according to the Sun's apparent movement along the ecliptic. It is also the first seasonal division point in summer. The weather during this period is characterized by coexistence of extreme hotness and excessive humidity. It is sometimes capricious and fickle, if we may compare weather to a person's temperament.

After the Beginning of Summer, the change in Nature is marked by the solar power being on the increase and the lunar power decreasing in comparison (symbolic of the change in the power of growth and the tendency to decline respectively in ancient Chinese philosophy). In relation to a person's internal organs, it may be said that the vitality of the liver is becoming weaker while that of the heart is becoming stronger. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, "the vitality of summer is linked to the vitality of the heart", and for this reason during the period around the Beginning of Summer "attention must be paid to the need of going to bed early and getting up also early and emphasis must be laid on coupling health preservation with freedom from care".
Healthy Tips For Summers

Heavy sweating as a result of physical exercises should be avoided, because profuse sweating is considered to be injurious to one's positive state of health. After the Beginning of Summer, people are prone to feel irritable and restless. Therefore, for health preservation at the Beginning of summer, one must refrain from "anger and impatience", guard against plunging into a transport of delight or wrath, and strive to be peaceful in mind, light -hearted and contented.

In regard to health preservation by dietary means, the foods and drinks at this time need to

Healthy Tips For Summers

be simple and light--- chiefly low in fat, easy to digest, and rich in the content of fibers (cellulose). More of vegetables and fruits should be eaten. Coarse food grain (e.g. maize, sorghum and millet) is to be preferred on as many occasions as possible. The daily budget for food should cover a lot of fish and chicken with a very low outlay for fat meat and excessively salty items.

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