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In China, a baby is popularly considered to be one-year old the moment he/she is born. Hence, when a man has reached the 49th year of his life he is revered as one who is "half-a-hundred”. Of course, most people hoped to live longer than that nominal age of 50. But, strange to say, even the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, who is famous for having unified China for the first time in history and for having sent an expedition of boys and girls overseas eastward to seek for the elixir of life, died ironically just when he was in the 49th year of his life (259~210BC), at the nominal age of half-a-hundred. This fact may be explained perhaps in part by the lack of efficacious tonics and medicines in the second century BC.

Classic of Internal Medicine makes a vivid and quite scientific discussion of the kidney and its relationship with the growth and development of the human body. For example, a female is considered to have completed one period of life when she is beginning to be seven years of age. The vital energy of her kidney has begun to climb upward, which is manifested outwardly by the change of her teeth and an increase in the density, or luxuriance, of her hair. When she has passed her second seventh year, that is, when she is 14 years old, a material which is responsible for a female's ability of reproduction is secreted from her kidney. Menstruation appears. She is able to become pregnant. Then she passes through her 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th seven-year periods until she reaches the end of the 7th one, when she is 49 years old and the vital energy of the kidney, which is characteristic of a female, begins to wane and menopause comes about. This means she will begin to look haggard and will no longer be able to bear children. As a matter of fact, it is the wax and wane of the vital energy in the kidney that has given rise to the above process. On the other hand, a boy who is in the second eight year period of his life, namely at 16 years of age, may have nocturnal emission and can make a female pregnant.

A male then pass through his 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th eight-year periods…until he reaches the end of the 8th one, when he is 64 years old. At that time, the vital energy in his kidney begins to be exhausted. It can be seen here that, in comparison with a female, a male matures and grows old and feeble both a little time later. This is the reason why a male marries at an age a little older than a female. We often say about a person that he/she has become "old and feeble before his/her time". That means a person's vital energy in the kidney has been exhausted. Therefore, if a person wants to prolong his/her life and enjoy longevity he/she must, on the contrary, make his/her vital energy so abundant as to surpass the normal value. Since ancient time, the way to attain longevity, whether it is in the form of a secret formula or a recipe, starts from taking care of the kidney. In other words, the kidney is the foundation of longevity. So, Chinese like to take some herbal tonic for the preservation of kidney.

Ginseng was produced in the mountains of Northeast China (formerly Manchuria). It became the popular, most highly esteemed tonic in China late in the 19th century, when the country was still ruled over by the Manchurian monarchs. The trend continued into the 20th century, up to the present time. Consumers said that Ginseng was beneficial to the respiratory system and to the cardiovascular system besides giving them the overall sense of well-being. This assertion was confirmed by scientific investigations, which showed that ginseng, when administered in small doses, can excite the central nervous system, bring about a slight drop in blood sugar and boost the force of contractions of the heart and the frequency of contractions. It is particularly useful for treating debility and prostration. This accounts in part for the sense of well-being that consumers generally claim that they have.


In contrast to ginseng, cordycepin is endowed with the property of improving renal and sexual functions, though it is also beneficial to the lungs, nerves, and skin. Therefore, cordycepin and ginseng are complementary to each other. They can be combined for better effect, as in SANLIDA Golden Cordycepin and Ginseng, to make a man over fifty look youthful and vigorous and thus increase the likelihood that he will have longevity. It is noteworthy that tonics are never to be taken in big doses.

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