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Pine Pollen Tonic Perfect For Balanced Nutrition

pine pollen nutrition

In former times, during the successive dynasties of China, pine pollen was so precious as to be considered suitable only for presentation to the emperor as a tribute, to be enjoyed by the royal family and high-ranking officials. Stress was laid at that time only on its fragrance and taste. Scientific research later showed that pine pollen is also a food of perfectly balanced nutrition. It contains rich amounts of proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, active enzymes and trace elements. The contents of proteins and amino acids in pine pollen are more than 5~7 times those in eggs and milk. It is noteworthy that the amount and proportion of amino acids in it approach most closely to the model recommended for amino acid content by the Food and Agriculture Organization of UNO, and pine pollen is, therefore, praised as "the natural treasure-house of condensed nutrition". Frequent eating of pine pollen can increase the immunity of the body, prevent cardiovascular diseases, ward off osteoporosis, resist the aging process and enhance beauty. In view of these benefits, pine pollen has come to be esteemed as a daily necessity of all people, both male and female, young and old.

1. Pine pollen contains rich amounts of rutin and flavones. It has the obvious power of inhibiting oxidation and can effectively protect the endothelial cells of blood vessels from the influence of deleterious factors and retard the aging of endothelial cells of blood vessels.
2. Pine pollen can replenish the human body with iron, copper and proteins, thereby promoting hematopoiesis and the increase of red blood cells. It can, therefore, effectively prevent anemia and promote normal endocrine secretions. It is conducive to regularity of menstruation.
3.  Pharmacological experiments proved that pine pollen contains large quantities of antioxidation substances, such as vitamin E, carotene and the trace element selenium. After entering into the human body, pine pollen can inhibit reactions which form peroxides of both fat and proteins within the body, step up the power of the body to clear itself of free radicals, and at the same time to clear away the speckles on the surface of the skin and to inhibit the aging of tissue cells, so as to effect resistance to aging and elevation of the immunity of the human body.
Pine pollen has the salient effect of resisting aging, which is shown in its ability to clear away free radicals. What a female fears most is the appearance of wrinkles on her skin, which is a sign of a person's becoming old. The pine pollen in the tablet has the additional benefit of promoting metabolism and removing gradually the wrinkles and speckles on the skin besides strengthening the bones.
4. Pine pollen is a miraculous protector of the blood vessels of the heart and a reliable guard against and a way of osteoporosis prevention by virtue of the abundant supply of magnesium, calcium and vitamin C that it has. Patients of rheumarthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are all in dire need of the pine pollen. They can imbibe from the pollen sufficient amounts of proteins, calcium, vitamins and trace elements to prevent and cure arthritis and osteoporosis.
5. The nicotinic acid and vitamin B6 in the pine pollen have the effect of lowering cholesterol and regulating the amount of blood fat. It is also the ideal food for dilating peripheral blood vessels.

The pine-pollen calcium chewing tablet is a brand-new health-care  calcium, an osteoporosis treatment supplement  which can prevent osteoporosis developed by the Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Company---one of the largest pharmaceutical group companies in China.


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