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Weight Lose Chinese Medical Theory

Weight Lose Chinese Medical Theory

From the standpoint of traditional Chinese medical theory, fat people tend to be deficient in vitality needed for the proper functioning of limbs and viscera. They have phlegm and dampness in their bodies. They are rather slow in movements and not fond of physical exercises. Their limbs are apt to feel heavy or become fatigued in physical activities. These people are prone to fall prey to arteriosclerosis, apoplexy, and coronary heart diseases.

There is a popular saying in China: "Fat people are short of vital breath, whereas thin people are deficient in blood supply".

As obese people tend to be deficient in vitality, the strengthening of the spleen to enrich vitality would be the best method for handling at the very root the case of a puffy person. This person should be advised to eat  lose weight diet  which enrich vitality through fortifying the spleen, such as the white gourd, white radish, edible black fungus and yam, among which radish contains a pungent ingredient, the mustard oil, which can promote the metabolism of lipids so as to prevent the accumulation of fat under the skin.

If you are really serious about losing weight and keeping off that extra weight from your body forever, you should lose weight the natural way. Unlike those crash lose weight diet  programs and those diet pills where you will eventually gain back all the pounds that you shed off right after you stop taking the pills and starving yourself, you will more likely be able to stay slim if you lose weight the natural way.

Fatty foods are generally harmful to your body. Aside from building up fats in the most unflattering areas of your body, a fatty diet could lead to so many

types of fatal diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. To lose weight  naturally, avoid eating fatty foods.

One of the best ways to lose weight naturally is to eat lose weight diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables while avoiding fatty foods. Fruits and vegetables are high in soluble fibers that facilitate good digestion. If your digestive system is healthy, your body will be able to process food more easily. According to experts, unlike fatty foods, which tend to clog your system, high fiber food will help you cleanse your colon.

The intake of the foods that are rich in fats and "bad" carbohydrates should be completely stopped as they are the main reasons which cause the fat gain in the people.  For instance, cookies, potato chips, and soft drinks also contain carbs in the form of sugar and flour. If you give up these foods intake then half of your work is done. This will stop the weight gain process completely at first and then you would be able to achieve the desired weight loss within next few months. I would also recommend you to eat the fruits, specifically those that are rich in Vitamin C as they help in the weight loss process. If you follow controlled lose weight diet regime strictly then you would be able to achieve the desired weight loss within the stipulated time.

Obesity may be due to some causes connected with metabolism, endocrine disorders and even habitual constipation.Many people turn to diet pills to help them win the battle of the bulge.  Anyhow, Salubry is the best choice for such subhealthy people, who yearn for agility and general improvement of health.

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