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Why Do You Need Correct Food Combining


Factually stated, “food is medicine” for the human body. The human physical body is a food body, meaning that bodily health is directly affected by the foods eaten. Understanding how food and food combining affects bodily health, and especially how some kinds of food combining can create ill health and disease, is another understanding of how “food as medicine”.

food combiningFood combining is not mere mental theory, or something to be believed or not, and if you don’t believe, then it doesn’t affect your body. When any foods & liquids go into the body, bio-chemistry effects occur, just like when taking herbal medicine or pharmaceutical drug medicine, there are bio-chemistry causes and effects in the body.

Some kinds of food combining create bodily degenerative bio-chemical consequences which appear as bodily weakness and ill health/disease symptoms. Such negative food combining patterns are useful to learn and understand, and useful to observe in the body, so one can specifically avoid negative food combining patterns which produce bodily weakness and ill health/disease symptoms.

Most people do not relate their ill health symptoms to the combination of food & liquid substances they ingest. And to be clear, “ingestion” is not just foods and drinks, but also includes any herbs, supplements and pharma-drugs, as well as all topical skin cosmetics, soaps, shampoos and cleansers. Examine anyone in detail as to their intake of foods & liquids, and topical skin cosmetics, soaps, shampoos and cleansers, and there are clear observable toxic ingredients and toxic combination food patterns from which their ill health symptoms appear.

The most negative producing pattern of all the food combining is that which produces excess fermentation leading to excess acidic putrification leading to viral/bacterial infection. This pattern creates excess inflammation due to the excess heat generated by acidic development of fermentation / putrification. This pattern of food combining is one of the most common whole body “degenerative patterns” which develops into symptoms of chronic weakness & fatigue, ill health & diseases, with pains and even injuries. This “degenerative pattern” of food combining (which produces excess fermentation leading to acidic putrification leading to viral/bacterial infection) is the root cause of many, if not most, dietary-based disease processes. Note that the process of fermentation of foods in the body is a natural process of the body for the breakdown of foods in the assimilation process, but this discussion is about "excess fermentation", stimulated many times weekly (even daily) for years and decades.

How does excess fermentation get stimulated in the body?

To understand excess fermentation is to understand the process of making alcohols and vinegars. The trigger ingredient is refined / simple sugar. Make a mash of potatoes in food combininga vat, heat it up to 100 degrees (body temp), and then add sugar to start the fermentation process and soon there is potato alcohol or Vodka. Do it with rice and make Sake. Do it with Rye and make Rum, etc.

The most important foods (of the "fats", "proteins" & "carbohydrates" foods) that should NOT be mixed at the same meal are:

Fats & proteins (oils, meats, nuts, avocado, etc) combined with refined and simple sugars (refined or simple carbohydrates). Refined/simple sugar products are dried fruits, fruit, white bread flours & pastas, desserts, brown & white sugar, honey's, etc. These sugars "ferment" the fats & proteins. For example, do not combine almonds with raisins, or mix meat with white bread or desserts, or mix nuts seeds and sugary soft drinks, etc…

This "fermenting" food combining creates excess acids and alcohols in the body, and creates an acidic internal fluid chemistry that, over time, transforms your actual physical cellular chemistry to over-acidic. In this over-acidic fluid environment, over-fermented and putrified and even infected, all the diseases are grown in the body.

So in the transition time of re-balancing, any use of refined carbohydrates-sugars and especially alcohol will trigger major systemic or whole body reactions. This will re-calibrate and relatively un-do many weeks and even months of re-balancing you may have worked on. Therefore, even if you have a bit of alcohol, or eat some fruits or white breads, or some dessert food, and mix it with the fats and proteins, a flare up will occur - like a fire that is diminishing and the wood that is left isn't burning strongly, and if you put just a few pieces of alcohol-soaked wood on the fire, (like desserts onto meats), what happens? All the wood burst-ignites, the whole fire grows big again.

A fact of fluid bio-chemistry is that an "alkaline biological fluid pH" does not allow the growth formation or sustaining of most viruses, fungi, & infections in the body. Therefore, by consciously producing an "alkaline biological fluid pH", you can avoid the growth or "culturing" of most harmful virus' and infections and bacteria, which are "cultured" in an acidic biological fluid pH.

To sustain an Alkalized internal "biological fluid culture" in the whole body, it is a must to avoid regular use of refined chocolates, sugars and caffeine’ s of all kinds, white breads and white vinegar, bad oils and bad salts, too much fried food, and too much cooked food, too much Excedrin/pain killers, too much cold & flu medicine, too much anti-biotics, certain soaps cosmetics, & lotions, etc. These substances taken or eaten regularly produce an "acidic biological fluid pH" in which all kinds of viruses, fungus, bacteria’s and infections do "culture" and grow.

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