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Yin And Yang Theory Treatment

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Yin and Yang

1. The theory of Yin and Yang in traditional Chinese medicine is the product of combination of the ancient Chinese dialectical method of thinking and the rich experience gained in traditional medical work.  Yin and Yang constitute not only an important component part of the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine but also an instrument for summing up its clinical experience.  This means that the view on unity of opposites as shown in the relation between Yin and Yang and also about decline and growth and about mutual transformation between the opposites Yin and Yang was used to explicate the relation between man and nature and to generalize a series of questions in the field of medicine.
2. The implications of Yin and Yang:
(Masculine)---pushing into motion, playing the leading role, and being immovable in determination.   In traditional Chinese medicine, Yang represents the functional activities of organs, the external defense, and the firm internal protection of Yin essence.
Yin (Feminine) ---keeping to the faith, tending to agree and accept, and being flexible and compliant in traditional Chinese medicine, Yin represents the conservation and storage of material substances, the source of the vital energy of Yang.
For example, in the distinction between the two sexes, the male is Yang and the female is Yin

Description of symptoms

1.Yang deficiency: This term refers to inadequacy of vital energy.  Clinical manifestations are:   hands and feet lacking warmth , body prone to sweat on all occasions, stool being very wet and shapeless, urine being colorless, lips being light in color, and mouth feeling flat and insipid.
2.Yin deficiency:   This term refers to inadequacy of body fluid.  Clinical manifestations are:   Feeling the two palms and two soles hot in the centers, having subjective consciousness of some annoying heat in the bosom, suffering a hectic fever in the early afternoon, going about constantly with reddened lips and feeling the mouth dry, and haunted by the excretion of dry and hardened stool.

1.Pulmonary Yin--- fluid of the lungs, produced by chemical combination of the essence of water and grain with renal fluid. This pulmonary Yin is complementary to what is called the pulmonary qi, which is its opposite and might well be called pulmonary Yang as it represents “vital energy”.
2.Kidney Yin- also called renal fluid or genuine fluid, is no other than the fluid of the renal organ (including the essence of life, which the renal organ contains).  It is called kidney Yin as it is counterposed to kidney Yang, the vital energy, and serves as the material basis on which kidney Yang performs its functional activities.  Kidney Yin has the effect of nourishing and moistening various viscera and hollow organs of the human body.


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