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TCM Health-Care Regulation Program

GUIDE to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Therapy

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Since ages, human beings have embraced the unique idea to extend their lives beyond the norms. A question arises here – why some people fall ill while others don’t. The answer might be that the healthy person, by chance or by choice, lives a lifestyle that leads to bio-physical state of good health, strong immune response, and broader mental outlook.  

TCM Health-Care Regulation Program” is a representation of Dr. WeiLian Wang’s years of research and knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine, exemplified in an eBook format for easy readability and convenience. The eBook delves in-depth into systematic and precise knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, comprehending it as in Western medicine so that the book is easier to understand for everyone.

TCM considers only our active and dynamic functional entities that are responsible for digestion, breathing, excretion and so on. It interprets disease as disharmony in interaction between these functional entities and the outside world. TCM system has been accepted even by western scientists and doctors. They are still exploring TCM for it’s effectiveness to treat some potentially severe disorders.

So, consultation from an experienced TCM practitioner along with a conventional doctor treatment will be in the best interest of patients with some severe disorders.

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TCM Health-Care Regulation Program”  is a complete guide how traditional Chinese medicine works as one of the best auxiliary treatments for healthcare purpose. This book is designed not only to make you get in the easiest way possible a concise and systematic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine but also to recommend to you ready-made traditional Chinese medicines which are easily available.  On the basis of these ready-made Chinese medicines a number of health-care programs have been devised for your benefit.  In these programs diseases are classified according to the nomenclature used in Western medicine so as to make the programs easier to consult for those people who are not acquainted with traditional Chinese medicine.

What more!! With its artistic and appealing presentation, the eBook provides a fantastic reading experience. 

One of the greatest appeals of the book lies in its unique presentation. Rich in color, language and pictorial illustrations, in the book there are quite a number of classical pictures of immense academic value pertaining to the realm of traditional Chinese medicine, including a set of fourteen exquisite pictorial illustrations of channels and collaterals of the human meridian system.

TCM Health-Care Regulation Program” is a book worth superb academic value in the realm of traditional Chinese medicine. The book is not only a ‘practical’ exemplification of Chinese medicine but is most suitable to read by people as well as experienced medical professions.  

You must have this book if you really want to achieve the ultimate goal of our life, which is nothing else but health.

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